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We are a software development and technology consultancy company that has been developing bespoke software, mobile applications and digital content since 2014.

We provide technology consultancy services and software solutions to businesses who aim to expand and improve their operational efficiency.

What We Do

We develop software for all scenarios including websites, mobile applications, server-sided systems and embedded systems software. Our one-to-one consultancy services enable businesses to expand by employing technology solutions that improve operational efficiency. We can create bespoke software for your individual needs with our in-house development team.

Software development

We have developed for all kinds of applications, including websites, mobile applications, server-sided systems and embedded systems software.

Consultancy services

We work directly with businesses to implement technology solutions with the goal of improving operational efficiency and building support for expansion.

Bespoke software

If you have your own specific requirements for a software project, we can arrange for this to be developed by our in-house team.

Proven success

We have created several applications and digital products that have attracted millions of downloads and reached the charts on mobile marketplaces.

Flexible development

We can work with you at any stage of your company's timeline. Need to finish a project that was left incomplete? Need a new application written from scratch? We are here to provide you with a solution that fits your needs.

Dedicated support

We stay in close contact with every client to ensure that requirements are continually being met and to provide additional services where necessary.

Our Portfolio

Here are some of our previous projects to give you a better understanding of what we do.

client 1

Fast Pass Driving Tests

We built Fast Pass Driving Tests, the UK's leading provider for driving test cancellations. The website integrates with Stripe for online payments, Whatsapp Business API for customer notification and marketing, and includes a fully-featured affiliate platform to drive sales and track commission payments.

client 2

Exoria Cars

We worked with Exoria Cars to create a bespoke website that promoted their brand's luxury image. Along with web development, we provided SEO and brand building services to drive customer acquisition and company awareness.

client 2

Embedded Systems Development

We developed highly specialised code for an electronics manufacturer to write software running directly on an SD card. Our expertise in embedded systems development enabled us to install a web server and implement automatic file uploads to Google Drive, despite having extremely limited resources on-chip and no external microcontrollers.

client 3

Operational Efficiency Study

We worked with restaurants to develop and test internet-enabled POS (point-of-service) systems which could instantly synchronise orders between serving staff and kitchen staff, with the goal of improving the efficiency of table service. The software also managed finances and aggregated data points to provide owners with vital analytical data, supporting the management of their businesses. The study proved successful, and operational efficiency was improved as a result. Our survey showed greater customer satisfaction and reduced pressure on staff members in comparison to previous pen-and-paper approaches.

Get In Touch

Please leave us a message if you would like to find out more about the services we offer. A member of our team will respond promptly to assist you with any enquiries you may have.

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